This blog supports “The Visual Past: Images in American History,” a University Writing course taught by Phillip Troutman at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. For more information and other course descriptions, please visit University Writing Program.

Students are aware that their comments on the blog are public, but we are generally treating it as an in-house affair.  Outsider comments are currently disabled. Past student work archived as models is done so with that student’s consent.

Note to educators and institutions: Feel free to browse course materials and to contact me with any questions or ideas (my contact info is also listed on the UWP site). Course documents are copyrighted but may be freely adapted for your own teaching. I do not approve of their use by any for-profit institutions or for MOOCs of any kind without prior consent. I tend to cite my sources for course materials, and I generally think you should, too. Most broadly, I am grateful to my colleagues and former colleagues at GW, at Duke University, and at Virginia Tech for ideas and refinements of my course materials.