Getting started

Welcome!  This site supports all three sections of the course. The top menu includes all syllabus materials (including course policies), research resources, and writing tipsheets. The left menu includes all major project assignments and grading criteria, along with all daily assignments, linked from the project calendars. The central blog area will be used for ongoing course announcements and for occasional online discussions.

We will continue to use Blackboard for posting some readings and for the gradebook.

Students:  You are co-authors of the central blog, posting and responding to each other’s ideas-in-progress there. You must both follow the blog and enroll as an author:

1. Look for the Follow button, and click it.

2. Check your gw email and respond to WordPress’s invitation (from me) to become an Author on this course blog. This will involve setting up a WordPress account.

3. You should set an email filter to catch all WordPress emails and keep them together (and out of your spam folder).

4. Set your Wp profile. Click your username at top of page; then click Settings > Public Profile. Include here whatever information you would like to be public on the web. You do not have to enter anything, if you’d like it to remain private. Please keep your screen name the same as your username.

That’s it. Enrolling as an author allows you to make new posts and comment on other’s posts on the central blog portion of the site. While the blog is public, only “authors” will be able to post or comment.

Following will notify you by email whenever there are posts or comments in the blog. You should create a filter for this, so they all are gathered together in one folder.

Please note: before the next term, I will delete all student authors. This deletes all your posts and comments from the course blog. So please save any posts/comments you’d like to keep. (For selected posts and for the very best abstracts, I may ask you for permission to archive it online as a model.)