Fall Calendar 4: Poster & The End

wed 22 nov – fri 24 nov

Thanksgiving holiday. No GW classes.

mon 27 nov

Read Poster Assignment Sheet (under Cal 4).

Rough draft your poster, printed in pieces so you can move them around and re-arrange them:  

  • Two or three sentences &/or bullet points for each section, printed on separate half-sheets of paper.
  • All images you want to consider, printed on separate sheets of paper.

NOTE: you are also using this draft poster as a way to think about how to organize your final essay and especially its visual evidence.

Note: poster sessions the next 2 classes will go roughly in order of your last tutorial; I’ll assign them. Everyone’s attendance is required at both sessions as part of your poster session grade–you are the audience! Assigned students please arrive 5 minutes early to tape up posters.

wed 29 nov poster session 1 – meet in Ames 222

Everyone attends: this is 1/2 your peer response #3.

These 10 post PDFs of posters to Bb midnight the night before & bring posters (arrive 5 minutes early if possible)

10:00 – Jenna, Berrit, Emir, Yash, Meaghan, Kit Lee, Margo, Kaan, Sabrina, Emily O.

11:30 – Alison, Nick., Olivia, Julian, Sibyl, Michael, Ian, Jonny, Shayd, Maddy

fri 1 dec  – poster session 2 – meet in Ames 222

Everyone attends: this is 1/2 your peer response #3.

These 7 post PDFs of posters to Bb midnight the night before & bring posters (arrive 5 minutes early if possible)

10:00 – Abigail, Rachel, Pearl, Yilin, Mingxin, Seth, Scott

11:30 – Emily V., Dawn-Marie, Jill, Arya, Parth, Artin, Tim

mon 4 dec

Sketch = Paragraph Shuffle!  Fully revised draft, BUT with paragraphs mixed up. In class, your peer will try to put them in the right order.

To do this, follow these steps EXACTLY, and don’t wait til the last minute before class!  This is your “sketch”:

  1. Save a copy of your draft with filename “shuffle.”
  2. Make the whole document single spaced.
  3. Delete the abstract.
  4. Remove all footnotes (so the numbers will be gone).
  5. Keep images, but remove any numbering (e.g., Fig. 1) and move them all out of order, not next to their paragraphs (unless you have one inside a paragraph, like a block quote, in which case, it can stay).
  6. Scramble all the paragraphs by cutting & pasting them into random order. This is crucial. No paragraph should be where it is in the original. No paragraph should be next to one it was next to in the original.
  7. Insert about 1-2″ of line breaks between paragraphs.
  8. Bring it to class on a laptop. NOTE: if this is not possible, email me; I’ll have you print it out and cut it up–AFTER following steps 1-6. But I’d need you to email me first.

Come to class with this work done, ready for your peer to unscramble in a new Word document on your laptop. Leave plenty of time. Do not be late because you left this to the last second.

wed 6 dec

Skim Harris, Rewriting, ch. 5, “Revising.” What’s the difference you see between revising and editing?

1. Complete student survey (course evaluation) online before class (you’ll receive an email).

2. Bb Wiki: Sign up for one field trip time for Friday (10, 11:30, 1pm, any time regardless of section).

2. Bring nearly-penultimate (almost-next-to-final draft) of research essay. Write your essay’s conclusion and abstract, and revise your essay introduction. What is your hook? What scholarship has gone before & how do its limits set up your own work?  Or, do you use something else as the hook–maybe something happening in the present that raises your question? maybe something from the primary sources that seems puzzling or interesting as a way into the question? Where to you leave us or take us out of the paper? Are there next steps or new questions that arise for future study? Are there larger implications to your findings?

In class: some syntax pointers.

fri 8 dec

Field trip! – now optional (prof ill–see email)

“Vermeer & the Masters of Genre Painting.” National Gallery of Art, West Building.

Arrive on your own, on time (10 am, 11:30 am, or 1:00 pm–please choose one on the Wiki–any time slot that works for you). Meet outside the central entrance on Constitution Ave. at 6th St. NW.
Directions: From Foggy Bottom, take Metro Orange/Blue/Silver line to Federal Triangle (12th St. NW); walk south one block to Constitution, then six blocks towards the Capitol to 6th St. (Archives stop is closer, but is on Green/Yellow line; you can switch at Metro Center.)

Exhibit info: https://www.nga.gov/exhibitions/2017/vermeer-and-the-masters-of-genre-painting.html

Prep: short film to be linked.

mon 11 dec  – last day of this class

  1. Bring your penultimate (next-to-final) draft–on screen or printed, whichever works best for you to proofread from– including all images you’re including and your best take on citation format. Try to get citations right by using my Chicago Tipsheets (left menu) and Lipson, Cite Right.
  2. Bring questions you have about citations and any other final formatting issues.

Midnight: final research essay due posted to Bb.

tu 12 dec – Reading Day / MakeUp Day.

No GW class can require you to meet or turn in work on this day unless GW calls for a University-wide Make-Up Day.

13-21 dec – Exams. No final exams in UW1020!