Formatting & File Sharing

Please follow these formatting rules before your post drafts or final documents.

  1. Check assignment sheet for special formatting requirements for that assignment (e.g., single- vs. double-spacing, citation style, etc.).
  2. Create headers &/or footers with page numbers & your surname on each page.
  3. If including images, follow the tipsheets on handling images.
  4. For Chicago style, check the tipsheets on citation style.
  5. Save document as PDF. Blackboard sometimes alters MSWord formatting, esp. images. Pages docs are often unreadable by others.
  6. Name your file like this:
    Replace YourSurname with your surname; if long, abbreviate it.
    Replace ProjectName with  Abstract, Proposal, or Essay.
    Replace Stage with Draft or Final.
  7. In Bb>File Sharing, start a thread, attach your document, & click “Submit” to post.  Do not click “Save draft,” since that lets only you see it. Check to make sure it is listed as “Published.”



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