Peer Response for Proposal/Biblio

Peer response prep for Tutorial on Draft Proposal/Biblio

Complete this peer response for each peer in your tutorial group. Spend 30 minutes on each one. Print out your peer’s draft Proposal/Biblio. Mark it up as directed. Type up responses below, 100-20o words each section.

1. Prior scholarship

Mark: Do you see prior scholars’ specific arguments (and not just topics)?  Are all the Argument sources in the biblography also discussed in the proposal? 

Write: In your own words, describe what you understand other scholars have already demonstrated or argued. If you’re not sure, put it in the form of questions–Is X arguing that  …?” or “So everybody agrees that . . .?” )

2.  Limitations in that scholarship & peer’s question

Mark:  Do you see the “but what about. . .”?  Where is the peer’s central question? Does it revolve principally around images or ideas about visuality?

Type:  In your own words, name the limitation your peer is exploiting and the question your peer is asking.  If this were your subject matter, what would be your research question?

3. Peer’s research question & primary sources

Mark:  What primary source images are they analyzing? Do they have access to enough of a pool of these to draw from? What other primary sources (created by the dead people) do they need in order to answer the question?

Write: How would you go about answering this question with these sources? What other kinds of primary sources would you would look for if this were your project?

4. Peer’s methods, concepts, approach

Mark Where do you see your peer’s methods of research and analysis? Do you see any key concepts they will apply? Whose scholarly methods are they following, and are these listed in the bibliography?

Write:  In your own words, describe their methods as specifically as you can. If you’re not sure, ask it in the form of a question:  e.g., Are you going to look at every magazine cover from 1950 to 1990?  Do you think “intersectionality” is visible in the images themselves?

5.Write:  What is most interesting to you about this project? What do you hope to learn from it?

6. Write: What will be most difficult about this project? How could they address that issue?