Calendar 2: Proposal & Biblio

mon 13 feb:  Meet in Gelman Library 702, Teamsters Reading Room, Special Collections Research Center, Foggy Bottom.

  • Project 2 Assignment Sheet (left menu, Wp): Proposal/Bibliography. (Note:  just read the sheet; don’t try to do the assignment yet!) No other prep.
  • In this Special Collections session, you will meet Leah Richardson, Public Services and Outreach Archivist at GW’s Special Collections Research Center. You will work with historical graphic materials (posters, photographs, engravings, yearbooks, etc.) to get ideas about what kinds of primary source images you might be interested in and how to analyze them. Please do not bring any food or drink to this class session.

tues 16 feb:  respond to email from WordPress to become Author (so you can post for Wed)

wed 15 feb –

No class meeting. Post to WordPress instead.

Explore digital archives online looking for images you might like to analyze for your essay. For US topics, start with the ones in my list at right in Wp. For other parts of the world–and for US too–search online for the kind of image, then add “Archive” to your search. Follow the leads to reputable archives (academic, government, non-profit, and sometimes private researchers). You’re looking esp. for archives who actually possess a physical copy of the items in question.

Post to WordPress (top left > Write), about 150 words:  Describe 1 interesting archive you found (whether on my list or not). Tell us what’s in there & how it’s organized. What search tips did you find? What kinds of features?  Importantly: how much information does the archive have about each piece (full citation information? even more background, etc.)?

Post by midnight Wednesday. This is worth 2.5% of your course grade.

Before class Friday, go back and read all peers’ posts (it will include both sections).

fri 17 feb –  meet in classroom – bring laptop

  • Complete the Library Research Prep Assignment: Primary Source Images in GW Digital Databases, linked from the floatover menu at left under Calendar 2.  Note: this research prep assignment should take up to 2 hours and is worth 2.5% of your grade. You must have  it printed at the beginning of the session.  No exceptions. If you run into any problems completing it, please contact a Reference Libarian in Gelman or Eckles. If absent, you must make up this graded assignment within one week.  NOTE: make sure you do the right prep:  primary source images.

mon 20 feb – Presidents’ Day – no GW classes

wed 22 feb – Meet in AMES 106, Mount Vernon campus

Library Prep Assignment: Secondary Sources: Scholarly Arguments/MethodsLinked from left menu under Calendar 2.

Note:  secondary sources, not primary.

Note: The library prep research should take 2 hours to complete.  It is worth 5% of your course grade.  You must have it in print at the beginning of the session.

Seriously, this will take two hours.  But it will set you up for the rest of the term!

fri 24 feb 

Each section has a student visiting to discuss their excellent essay from last fall’s class. To prepare, print out the appropriate paper, read it (you are welcome to read both), and mark it as you see fit:

10:00 am section: Tanner Stump, “The Question of Spanish Masculinity: 17th Century Paintings and their Reactions to the ‘Effeminacy’ of the Spanish Nobility.” Bb > E-Reserves.

11:30 am section: Nathaniel Owens, “A Comparison between Irish Americans and Arab Americans Immigrants in American Cartoons.” Bb > E-Reserves.

Sketch credit: Type up six questions below. Bring the printed/marked paper (no laptops, please) and the printed set of questions. Then be ready to ask away!

  • 4 specific questions about the argument (research question, use of scholarship, descriptive analysis of primary sources, articulation of claim, addressing of any counter-claims, organization, tone and word choice, etc.)
  • 2 specific questions about the research and writing process (origin of ideas, change of focus, deciding on the claims, drafting & peer responses, revising, rearranging, final editing, etc.)

mon 27 feb

Re-read assignment sheet.

Everyone brings full draft of Research Proposal & Annotated Bibliography. We’ll do peer responses live in class. After class: revise in light of this response.

Optional: if you bring laptops, it might be helpful; you might do some further source searching.

wed 29 feb

Everyone brings fully revised draft of Research Proposal & Annotated Bibliography. We’ll do a second round of peer responses live in class.

Optional: if you bring laptops, it might be helpful; you might do some further source searching.

fri 3 mar

No class meeting (prof at conference).

Re-read the Assignment Sheet.
Read Wp > Tipsheets > Chicago Citations: Guidelines & Examples.
Align your bibliography citations as closely as possible with my examples.

Note:  Article & chapter titles get “quotation marks.”  Journal and book titles get italics. For primary sources, see citation tipsheets for help.

mon 6 mar, wed 8 mar, fri 10 mar

Tutorials:  Individual, with your final version of your proposal/biblio. See Bb > Wiki schedule. Meet in 237 Ames Hall, my office. No class meetings.

Spring Break! Have fun. Be safe.

. . . continued on Calendar 3.