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Exploring the Digital Archive: New York Public Library Digital Collection.

The New York Public Library Digital Collection consists of 708,498 collections from the New York Public Library. Every day, the website adds new photographs, manuscripts, prints, videos, and maps. This archive includes a wide array of topics and time periods for a researcher to select. The site also includes a “search bar” for researchers to find particular subtopics or mediums required. Thus, the website is easy to use and makes research effortless. Once a collection is found, the archive allows the researcher to organize the results in order of “title,” “date created,” or “time digitalized.” A fascinating collection is titled “George Arents’ Collection.” Within, there is a subcollection titled “Children’s Of All Nations.”  The subcollection consists of pictures illustrating the average individual in each nation. A single image will include information like: the type of research, genre, division, publisher, timeline, identifiers, and notes. Each picture also provides an official citation.