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Hao Wu(The national Security Archive)

I looked up both the George Washington Unversity National Security Archive and Wilson Center Digital Archive to find things about Tiananmen Square,1989 and they both provide some information and documents related to this particular part of history in a non-Chinese perspective. The GW National Security Archive organizes in a chronological order and divides documents into five parts including Students demonstration in 1985-1986, On the brick, The crackdown, The aftermath and Ten years after Tiananmen. Wilson Center Digital Archive classified the documents by using exact dates and provides specific details such as source, original archives and publishers, which helps me to find more information related. Since the topic of Tiananmen Square 1989 is too specific, neither of two archives provides abundant primary sources for me to look up. So it is a trouble for me if I would like to stick with the topic of Tiananmen Square 1989.