Feb 15th: Digital Archive Research

I found the topic of cigarette advertising, whether good or bad, very interesting when we first started doing research and wanted to see if I could find another archive that had information on this topic.  I found an archive called ‘The Real Cost’.  The archive deals only with anti-smoking images.  It is organized into three different categories: tobacco basics, effects and taking control.  The archive has little to no information on a given image which is definitely a drawback, but they do give you the sources from which they got the image from, so if you click those you would be led to more information.  In comparing this archive with the archive I originally researched, ‘Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising’, I found this article much less helpful.  The Stanford archive showed both the positive and negative advertisement having to do with tobacco, so you got to see both “sides” to the argument, which would help in terms of writing a research paper.  ‘The Real Cost’ archive is worth keeping and using in terms of research, but it isn’t the most helpful of archives on the given topic. 

Daphne Sellin




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