SMU Central University Libraries -Historic Government Publications from World War II

I found this archive to be very interesting because it doesn’t just include propaganda, but it also features government reports, speeches, and other resources that were distributed during WWII. When you click the first hyperlink, “History Government Publications from World War II”, under the Overview section, it takes you to the entire archive. You then can sort through the materials and search by date published, government publisher, and creator. Also, when you click on the thumbnail, you can find lots of useful information like the title of the item, the physical description, the summary explaining the context that surrounds the item, which government agency issued the item, and hyperlinks to topical terms that can link you to other archived items that are similar to what you’ve clicked on. For example, when I clicked on a pamphlet about government subsidized flaxseed, I learned that it was issued by the War Food Administration and the Agricultural Adjustment Agency. It also suggested that I look at “agricultural productivity” and “agricultural prices” as related topics. You can even download the scanned version of the pamphlet as a PDF.


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