Nithya Prakash-IA: Classic TV Commercials

The “IA: Classic TV Commercials” contains many and varied television commercials from the 1940’s to the early 1990’s. These advertisements represent all sorts of brands, from Skippy Peanut Butter to forest fire prevention PSA’s. They are classified not categorically but by tags decided on by uploaders; viewers can click hyperlinked tags and see multiple videos that share said tag. Common categories include date published/aired, brand, content, and original network; however, due to tags being decided upon by the uploader, there are some unusual categories—for example, the “Even Queen Elizabeth II Might Find This Funny” category. Actual clips contain brief descriptions of content and brand (length varies, as these are written by the uploader), most containing years of publication and background information to lend context. The Classic TV Commercials archive shows a face of the USA’s commercial culture not often seen today, and provides important cultural context from earlier times.


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