Matteo Connolly: Comic Book Cover archive

The archive I looked at today was, Coverbrowser is an archive that consists of various comic book covers dating back to the early 1900’s. At first glance, the website’s homepage seems cluttered, a jumble of superhero, adventure, and mystery comic names. After pursuing for while the heterogeneous mixture of fonts and sizes made it easy to pick out a genre or title. organized alphabetically, you may click on the title “Batman” -which was written in the biggest font on the page and it would expand into different Batman series, each one expanding into actual comic cover art. the actual images were ordered either sequentially by date, edition or artist. You can also search a specific comic, like batman, and it will give you options to choose from other than the name of the comics-specific series. The options include different languages and time periods, as well as editions that focus on certain characters like robin or cat women.


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