I chose to explore the Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising archive (, an archive consisting of various advertisements that either attempt to encourage or discourage smoking. The entire database is divided into five main categories: cigarettes, e-cigarettes, anti-smoking, comparisons, and videos. Each of these main categories is then divided into several collections or subcategories. These collections separate the advertisements by their themes such as the particular marketing persona (athletes, doctors, musicians, etc.) or the targeted audience (teens, African Americans, Women, etc.). The images are then further grouped by their exact context and content. This archive provides viewers with many helpful search filters such as date range, manufacturer, brand, or format. Full citations for the images in this archive are not provided, but viewers are given the date and manufacturer for all images and brief comments and background for most images. Most of the text on the advertisements is easily readable, but in most cases it will be reprinted in the archive to the left of the image.


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