Jack Hornig- Sports Illustrated Vault

This archive contains digital scans of every cover of every Sports Illustrated magazine published since 1954. The covers are sorted primarily in chronological order, but there are options for searches based on key words such as the athlete featured, specific teams mentioned on the cover, or a specific year or date a cover was published. The search function is very effective, though one drawback is that the results are organized in reverse chronological order, so tracking chronological trends in the covers requires some, albeit minor, extra steps to sort the data. The archive offers full scanned copies of each issue. The featured article in the issue serves as de facto descriptions of the covers, but the archive does not offer explicitly created captions and descriptions of the images on the covers. The archive also does not offer bibliographies for the covers, but the magazines are archived in their full original form, so all the information to create a bibliography is readily accessible.


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