Jack Connolly – UK and the French Revolution


An interesting archive that I searched was the National Archives of the United Kingdom. The easiest way to look for images in the education section of the archives which has images that can be used in history classes as part of lessons. This archive was organized in a pretty useful manner in that it lets you search by time period so that you can find sources you need that from around the same time in British history. You can also search by grade which pretty much means that the really complex images and artifacts will show up for higher grade levels, etc. I specifically chose to look at British images from the time of the French Revolution and I was provided with many different newspaper extracts which showed how the British understood and communicated about what was happening across the channel in France. I also liked that they provided questions that could be used in teachers’ lessons. Furthermore, there was a lot of background information which was really helpful while I was looking at the images. The sources were “La Prise de la Bastille – Jean Pierre Hovell 1789,” “The London Gazette,” and “Extracts from a confidential report from the British Ambassador, 30th July 1789.”


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