Grace Collins: United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Archive

From political propaganda posters in Nazi Germany to photographs capturing daily lives of those who suffered in concentration camps, this archive contains images in a wide range of mediums. The items can be narrowed based on a series of criteria including language, format, subject, publication year, etc. This organization makes it easy for a researcher to find exactly what they are looking for. There is even a “search” field provided to enter keywords if there is something more specific someone is looking for. When you click on an item the archive provides background information. This gives the audience insight into the history and story behind the image, document, film, etc. Along with the summary, there are details on how to cite the images is provided, including publication date and artist/ photographer/ writer. This archive is an excellent collection of primary sources for researching topics includingWorld War II, the Holocaust, and Nazi Germany.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Collection


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