Exploring digital archive: Chinese posters

The archive I explored is Chinese posters archive which displays over 1,500 Chinese propaganda posters to reveal propaganda, politics, history and art. The archived is organized by two digital exhibitions, themes and artists. The gallery features 200 highlights period from the collections of the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam, and Stefan R. Landsberger (University of Amsterdam, Leiden University) and the digital exhibition “Too many Books” features only the theme of books and reading. The archive divides the others into 200 theme presentations and organizes them in chronological order. The archive also allows you to find the posters through designers’ names which is categorized by initial of last name. The search bar allows you to search a specific poster within keywords in themes or authors. If you are interested in a specific time period, you can just type the year in the search bar to find related posters. The title, designer name, date created, publisher, size, call number from collection are available for each poster and there is also a short presentation under each poster to help the readers better understand the meaning and background. You can find full citations of publication on art, design and posters in China if you click the resource.


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