Ege Ipek – Tobacco Advertising Themes – Stanford School of Medicine

The archive I examined was Stanford School of Medicine’s archive about the impact of tobacco advertising.  It contains various posters used for advertising tobacco. The publication dates, brands, manufacturers, themes and which campaigns they belong to are present with the poster. A homepage containing information about the archive and its organizers, and a very useful search tool is present in the website. The archive is divided into four categories in total, cigarettes, e-cigs, anti-smoking, comparisons of advertisements. In each section, the posters are separated by themes such as adds containing cartoons or targeting teens. These themes are further divided by which advertising campaigns the posters belong to. Most of the posters have a few paragraphs next to them providing background information and explaining the impact of their campaign. A number of posters have remarks by the organizers with them commenting and giving further information about that particular poster. However not all of the information provided have citations with them. Overall, It is a very extensive archive with insight about the content, but resources are not shown for some of the information.


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