Digital Archives Response: The National Archives – Brendan Breen

The database I looked at was the National Archives, and I specifically looked at their collection on World War II related content. It seems to have lots of military related information, and the home page of the national archives has a few drop down tabs labeled with things like “Research Veteran’s Records”, “Education Resources”, and “America’s Founding Documents”. For an archive with so much information and content and resources, it is quite easy to navigate. It has each drop down menu broken into different events and parts, and then each part has a bunch of subcomponents that you can browse; pictures, primary source texts, and images. The material basically covers everything that you can think of when it comes to World War II – it’s got maps, photographs, and resources from different countries fighting in the war. The archive has lots of information about each piece and has the full citation. For search tips, the search bar is actually quite resourceful, and they have some quick links on the left side of the page that you can click on to make your search less broad. All of the information is through the site. – The National Archives

Brendan Breen


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