Digital Archive: Uncle Tom’s Cabin& American Culture

This archive directed by Stephen Railton takes a further look into Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin in relation to American culture. The archive is organized into three sections: the search mode, browse mode, and interpret mode. The search mode provides three subgroups that qualify by site category, text category, and date that can be narrowed down by the decade, year, and month which allows one to search all the primary material at once. The browse mode provides texts, images, songs, 3-D objects, film clips, which are all organized under Christian texts, sentimental culture, anti-slavery texts and minstrel shows. It also includes American reviews, African American responses, and Pro-Slavery responses throughout 1852-1930, followed by an extended use in media such as songs and poems to further provide outside resources about the novel. The interpret mode includes essays by a dozen scholars written to provide ways of exploring and understanding the material. Containing various kinds of resources on both the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin and American Culture, this archive contains an excellent collection of primary sources.


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