Digital Archive: Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising

An interesting archive that I discovered was the Stanford Research into the Impact of Tobacco Advertising. This archive provides a variety of information on the topic of cigarettes and how they were advertised throughout time. The information is organized into categories, which includes more specific subcategories. In terms of search tips, I learnt that there are multiple filters to take into consideration when searching throughout this archive. Several examples of the filters are brand name, manufacturer, tobacco types, campaigns, countries/regions and most importantly date range. As well, there are different tabs on the top that displays ads for not only cigarettes, but for e-cigarettes, anti-smoking, videos and a tab that enables you to do comparisons between the advertisements. In regards to the amount of information, the majority of the images have comments, quotes and some background but does not contain the full citation of the information. Overall, this archive provides sufficient information of the ads and thoroughly explains their purpose in a text-box to the right of it.




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