Casey Danoff: German Propaganda Archive

The German Propaganda Archive by Calvin College is a collection of propaganda material from Nazi Germany and the German Democratic Republic. The archive’s two largest organizational groups are “Nazi Propaganda” and “East German Propaganda.” Within those groups, images are further sorted by year and content, such as Anti-Semitism or Propaganda by Nazi Leaders. In addition to posters and pamphlets, the archive includes essays, speeches, and letters that provide background information on the propagandists and Nazi leaders. While it is simpler to use the headings provided, a key word can be searched to reveal all images that relate to the key word. It is difficult to find a full citation for most of the pieces. However, the archivist has his email listed and can provide further information, if needed.  Every image has an accompanying English translation, making it easy for the non-German speaker to understand. If the image or the translation is attributed to an outside source, that source is listed and in some cases linked. Most items contain the date, origin location, and context, as well as any other information on the piece. The extent of additional information varies from item to item. Every image leads to a high-resolution scan that can be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail. To conclude, this source contains a large base of German propaganda that is accessible to an English-speaking viewer.



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