Ben Pistora – Imperial War Museums Archive (UK)

Seeking images and artifacts specifically related to the inter-war period in Czechoslovakia, I searched through the Imperial War Museums Archive in the UK, noting that the IWM has extensive records specifically regarding the time periods of and in between the World Wars. The Archive itself, to its fullest extent, contains a massive and diverse array of visual and textual artifacts ranging from the 1914 to 1989. While the vast majority of the artifacts are related to war, that correlation can be described as loose, as many images may simply have been taken during a war or between wars without at all displaying purely war imagery (battle photographs, war propaganda, etc.). The archive is initially difficult to navigate and search as there is simply one search bar, but once a term has been inputted, one can narrow the search field immensely in specifying categories such as time period, location, creator, etc. Time Period proved especially helpful as I was able to narrow my Czechoslovakia search specifically to the Interwar period. Specific object/image information is significantly varied, but generally quite extensive and while the database is massive, it presents with a host of intriguing paths, all quite easy to navigate.


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