Annie Dobler–“Civil Rights Movement Veterans”

One archive that I found to be interesting was the “Civil Rights Movement Veterans” digital archive. In this archive, when first clicking the link, I was directed to a series of photos. These photos did not include any captions or descriptions, but there was a message in every photo. For example, one of the first photos I saw was a woman with a solemn expression on her face with a sign that read “Justice” in big capital letters. Another photo featured two young men, one with the words “vote” painted across his forehead, and another holding the American flag. This archive is set up exceptionally well with very clear instructions. For example, when I clicked on the “search” button the archive gave me search tips such as what I could look up and types of keywords that are helpful to search. Additionally, there were photo albums, documents, letters, speeches and history from the Civil Rights Movement. In the photo album section, there were captions about what was going on, but no citation information. One of the only places I was able to find any citation information was in the bibliography section of the archive, although it was unclear to me as to whether these sources were used in the archive.


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