Exploring Digital Archives: Architect of the Capitol

Architect of the Capitol


I explored the Architect of the Capitol digital archive, specifically the art portion of the database, which is an archive that preserves various aspects of Capitol Hill: buildings, monuments, and art to name a few. The archive is organized in a user-friendly way that makes accessing various images very easy. I specifically focused on art portion of the site. This art section of the archive is organized into nine different categories: AOC Art Stories, Artists, Art by State, Decorative Arts, Paintings and Murals, Sculptures, African Americans in Art, Native Americans in Art, and Women in Art. I was interested in the Sculptures tab, which brought me to various types of sculptures that I was free to explore. This AOC digital archive provides thorough information regarding the sculpture types, materials, dates, artists, and history amongst other important details. There is a search bar that allows users to narrow their searches and find specific art within the archive. Also, citations are provided for the pieces of art and most include the artist(s), date, location, and materials used. Some links bring users to external links, mostly to the U.S. Senate official site.



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