Wonder Exhibit at Renwick Gallery

This was my first visit to the Renwick Gallery. I had been meaning to go for awhile and see the exhibits, but never seemed to find the time. I am glad that this assignment provided an opportunity to go, or else I might never have gone. The “Wonder Exhibit” was very fascinating to me, since I am not much of an artist but have always appreciated abstract art.

Taking pictures of the art in museums can either be annoying or helpful, depending on how you look at it. People go to art exhibits for many reasons, such as art critiquing, research projects, as tourists, or genuine fascination with art. It is always great to go and observe something amazing that a person has done. So the way people document their visit also varies. For instance, people who are there just to post that they did something will be more focused on the picture, rather than the actual art. Tourists also will be more concerned with documenting the moments with family members. Then, you see the people who come specifically for the art. I saw several people who were thoroughly discussing the art and the background story behind it; they also tended to be more annoyed with the people taking selfies than the other people were. I tried to balance my time with getting decent pictures and analyzing the art exhibits.

Personally, I think pictures are nice to remember the specific exhibit or show people later to stir interest. Yes, when people are trying to take selfies or group pictures, it can hinder your appreciation of the art piece, because you get distracted with the noise and trying not to be in the shot. Or, when I myself was taking pictures, sometimes I found it difficult to pay attention to the details. Sometimes we just focus on getting the perfect picture for our social media or just to remember the day.

I found zooming in on the details and reading the backgrounds on the artists helped me concentrate on the actual beauty and techniques of the art more. I tried to focus on the exhibits. This definitely helped me with the analyzing I will do for the images in my research paper, since I will partially focus on the techniques used to create the paintings. It also helped me with focusing on why the different elements were used, what they represent, and discovering any underlying themes there may be. Seeing the art in real life is a totally different experience from just seeing a picture of it.


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