Truly Modern Art

My experience at the Renwick gallery was much like the many that I saw unfolding around me(and quite a few of the ones I’ve read about here), and although it may sound a bit cliche, I found the whole proess to be “wonderful.” I say this to mean that I was taken by surprise, and pleased to behold the various visual creations at the exhibit, and the fact that photography was encouraged added something to enjoyment of the art for many people I observed- and in a somewhat different way- myself as well. While I don’t fancy myself an artistic or skilled photographer the oppurtunity to explore different angles of the many pieces was still entertaining, and allowed for interaction with art that I had never really experienced before. My goal was to view the art in a unique way(just as we all see art uniquely) via my photographs, so I tried to take angles which others didn’t, like this one:

I kept this photo for myselft- which brings me to how I differed in my enjoyment of this exhibit from most. While I saw a hefty portion of the patrons who took pictures immidiately rushing to Instagram or Facebook or Snapchat to share with their friends the incredible sights they were capturing. While I appreciate my friends on these mediums and love sharing with them at times, I didn’t do so with these. Why? I wanted my experience to be personal, to connect with the art privately, but this does not mean I don’t support the use of social media to share experiences at the Renwick. If that is how someone best enjoys interacting with art, then I think that is what they should do, not only are they enhancing their own experience, but by showing others a portion of what they saw, it encourages more people to explore the beautiful sights of the Renwick. Colorful warpings that morph before your eyes:

Or winding twigs that form the nestlike structure of an animal unknown:

No matter what people are capturing and sharing, I support it. Art should be enjoyed to the maximum potential, and the Renwick gallery has introduced a more modern, and effective way of doing this than almost any other gallery by encouraging photography. Considering the success of this exhibit it only follows that this will be a continuing trend in the art community, and one that I look forward to enjoying.



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