Perception at the Renwick

Walking up to the building I thought, “is this really a museum. It just looks like a house.” I was assured that it was a museum moments later when my gaze fell upon the hour long line stretching to the White House (really should’ve listen to the advice to not go on the weekend…welp too late).  I waited patiently in the line – mainly scrolling through Spotify- and after quite a long wait, finally got inside.  What struck me as odd right away were the “Photography Encouraged” signs posted on the wall.  I have been used to the “NO photography!” signs all my life and this just added to my thinking that it wasn’t really  a museum at all.

This thinking quickly changed upon walking into the first couple exhibits and being wonderstruck at the size and dimensions the art had.  I have never been a fan of art and have never understood modern art at all, but looking at the rainbow of threads and weird looking stick sculpture a lot changed in my head.  I began to kind of understand how looking at these sculptures, each person is able to see what they want to see. It is not about what the artist built or what it’s called, but more about how each person sees it for themselves.

I think this way of looking at the art is what makes it a museum with so many Snapstories and Instagram posts coming out of it.  Each person that enters the museum sees the art in their own way and wants to show the world how they see it.  Being able to add captions, hashtags, and filters encourages the different perceptions seen by each person and adds even more value to the art.

The only complaint I have is the struggle to capture the space in each room.  One of the main aspects of the art as far as I am concerned is that the cavernous rooms give each piece a feeling of grandeur and make the people observing feel like ants.  Looking up and gazing at the art I felt so small compared to these beautiful pieces but I was unable to capture the space with an iPhone camera (maybe they should hand these out at the door


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