The Renwick is a very unusual museum, in part because it encourages photography, but also because the art is unique. Personally, I did not see the photography aspect as a great appeal. I noticed that many of the museum-goers were more concerned with their cameras and snapchats than the actual exhibits. Because I was required to take a picture I too fell into the same pattern.

I walked in with my phone in hand ready to get some artsy pictures, however after I took a few pictures I realized that the pictures could not capture what I was experiencing in its entirety. I tried taking videos hoping they would better represent what I was looking at, but to no avail. The Renwick is filled with art that is meant to be experienced and not just viewed. The rainbow strings make for a beautiful picture, but nothing beats the actual experience. The strings give off the illusion of movement and it creates an awe-inspiring sight that my phone could never capture.image4

Another highly photographed exhibit is the room covered in dead bugs. I was initially taken back by the insect carcasses displayed in different patterns, however I soon became amazed. I, again, snapped a few pictures and then began observing the art more intently. I found this to be much more interesting than looking from afar. I wanted to show the designs in my photographs, however it was much cooler get up close with the bugs. I thought it was so strange how similar all the bugs looked to each other and how in the photo I took there was no way to tell the difference between the similar bugs. Once I got close enough I was able to notice small differences in color or size, which I found to be neat. image1I also found this to be a very interesting piece. The contrast of the red on the black and white background really stood out to me. The bright red draws the viewers’ eyes in and forces them to look at this couch.I thought it was interesting how such a common object could be art when it is placed in the right environment.  However, this picture could not do justice on how comfortable this couch was. After working out legs the day before, I can not tell you how satisfied I was to see this; and no picture can show that.image3After this experience I came to the conclusion that pictures can be helpful, however they can also hinder the museum experience. I personally think pictures should be used solely as small reminders for what you were observing. They should not be used instead of looking at the exhibits, but rather in tandem. In a few years if I look back on these pictures I want to remember what I saw not just what I photographed. The best part of pictures is their longevity.


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