I have always heard how amazing the Renwick Gallery is but until now, I never realized how cool it is! Many of my friends have visited the Gallery and took pictures. They piqued my curiosity and interest due to the colorful and intricate nature of all the pieces. The first piece I saw were the towers of index cards. I had seen many pictures of these towers and was very excited to see them. They always looked interesting to me and I enjoyed seeing them in person. I wasn’t able to fully see what the towers were made of from others pictures and was able to see that they were index cards in person. I feel like seeing things in person creates a more permanent memory rather than seeing things through film or pictures.


The piece that was the most interesting to me were the lights on the ceiling that change color. When I first entered into the room, the ceiling was bright pink. I turned my head for a second and it started to change colors to an orange/red color. I feel like all of the exhibits, but this one in particular, really do fulfill the exhibit name “Wonder.” I found it interesting that people were laying on the floor and looking at the ceiling exhibit. I did so too and I began to wonder as I looked at the piece.


My experience was rather positive. I liked that it was ok to take pictures and to not be yelled at by security. I found all of the pieces interesting and wanted to share them because I was in awe of them and wanted others to see them. I finally understood why my friends had posted pictures of the gallery. The only downside I felt was that there were so many people taking pictures, that it was hard to take pictures without a person in the shot.

My project is analyzing images of Queen Elizabeth I of England and why and how they have been used from her reign to today. With this exhibit, I have decided that I will try to look more closely to the images of Elizabeth. In this exhibit, there were many things that I didn’t notice until I took my time and looked at them closely. I think that by doing this, I will be able to analyze and interpret the images better. In addition, with many people taking pictures of the exhibit, there are many different perspectives of the pieces. This could also apply to the images I will be looking at as there are and were many perspectives to Elizabeth.


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