Making Ordinary, Extraordinary

Since the Renwick Gallery opened, I’ve had a great interest in visiting the visually appealing new museum that features the Wonder Exhibit. On the way there my Uber driver ranted about how he really wanted to visit the Wonder Exhibit, then he started talking about the other interesting museums that DC has to offer. I couldn’t help but notice my feeling of disinterest for the other museums, and my growing interest towards the Wonder Exhibit.

FullSizeRender-2.jpg    Upon entering the Renwick my main interest was to head straight towards the art piece that gave the illusion of a rainbow. The rainbow is made out of different colored strings orchestrated perfectly together to create the image of a twisting rainbow. This specific art piece captures my eye and interest all at once and I stood around and observed as all the bystanders manipulated their camera focus and body positions to capture the perfect photos. I was being a firsthand witness to many photos that would be featured on insta-gram later that day.

The second art piece that caught my attention was the room with the changing lights on the illusion displayed on the ceiling. I was not particularly looking forward to this piece, but it unexpectedly ended up being my favorite. Upon entering the room an overwhelming feeling of serenity came over me. The floor was clad with bean bags and people staring up at the beautiful colors, so I took it upon myself to get the full experience. Laying down looking up at the changing illustration, I had the overwhelming feeling of not wanting to get up and I appreciated the calming art on the ceiling. As I peered around the slouched observers splayed out on the floor, I could see the feelings were mutual.


The pieces that definitely caught my attention the most were the ones with the eye-catching colors and abstract looking illusions. Going through every room and reading the descriptions, I also noticed that all the pieces were made out of ordinary objects and materials. The twist and creativity of each piece being created from something ordinary was admirable and added a unique touch to the Wonder Exhibit as a whole. I enjoyed viewing the infamous art pieces, as well as seeing all the other observers who came to see the popular media-frequented Exhibit. The Renwick Gallery’s update was a sure-fire way to appeal to peoples interests and this generation. This Wonder Exhibit created for a unique atmosphere, a great experience, and renewed popularity for the old Renwick Gallery.

I look forward to viewing everyone else’s perceptions of the art pieces through their imagery. I have seen many photos on social media, but being there myself and capturing my own images enlightened me to how different people’s depictions of something can be. I don’t think other peoples photography took away from my experience, because if that hadn’t existed I would have never known I wanted to go see this Exhibit in the first place. The photography hotspot has only raised popularity for this museum and drawn multitudes of people to take part in a prominent media frenzy of the moment . Although there are many images, each photographer creates their own unique interpretation through their images. This was fascinating and will make me wonder (no pun-intended) about what each photographer was trying to convey through their own images, that I will be analyzing for my project. FullSizeRender-8.jpg

-Amanda Rodriguez


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