I “Wonder”

I found the Wonder exhibit at The Renwick to be very entertaining. I walked through the exhibit on my own. I’m not usually the type to go to a museum by myself but found that without having anyone there to distract me, I was really able to experience it in my own unique way. Before going to the Renwick, I had seen lots of pictures of the exhibit on my Instagram feed but had not had a chance to experience it myself. Because of this, I went in trying to find things that I hadn’t seen in my friends Instagram photos.

Wonder 1

This was the first photo I took in the museum. I walked into this room and recognized the piece,Echelmen’s “1.8”,from other Instagram posts I had seen. I walked around the room trying to find an angle that I hadn’t seen before. I decided to lay down on one of the pillows on the floor and that’s where I snapped this photo. I did not find that taking this picture hindered my experience of the art in any way. After I took this picture, I continued to lay on the ground and look at the piece. Taking a picture takes such a short amount of time and a museum is a place to spend as much time as you’d like. There were so many different ways to see this piece, it just depended on where you choose to look up. That’s one of the many reasons I found this exhibit to be so great, because every piece had so many different experiences within.

Wonder 3

This room was my favorite in the exhibit. “In the Midnight Garden” from afar looks very different than what it looks like up close. Walking in from another room I did not realize what the designs on the wall were made of. Upon closer examination I discovered the insects covering the walls. I choose to take this photo because not only the design appealed to me but the bugs themselves fascinated me as well.

People are saying that it is impossible to capture the three-dimensional appeal of this gallery in photos. I agree with this statement to a degree but I believe that the photos are just a separate way to experience the gallery. Yes, it is a completely different experience, but it is still an experience. Galleries that do not allow photography are only allowing the visitors in the museum to experience their pieces, while a museum like the Renwick is not only allowing the visitors to experience it but people around the world can experience as well.

I’m doing my research paper on the ways government used propaganda differently in World War II and Vietnam to appeal to their different audiences. After going to the Wonder exhibit, I realized that there are almost infinite ways to look at the same image or piece of art. I will think more about how the people saw propaganda differently and less about how I see it today.


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