Wandering the Wonder at Renwick

To be honest, The Renwick was refreshing. The unique use of regular items to create art was something I didn’t expect to enjoy so much. Each room offered something I never would have expected. The entire time I was so excited to go to the next room because it could have literally been anything. Each time I crossed a threshold my eyes lit up like a kid in a toy store. I circulated rooms so fast that I passed up my friend, who came along, almost three times.

What caught my attention the most was the Index Card Mountain Range so tall it made you feel at peace when you circled them alone. I never thought of a use for index cards other than studying or origami (when I’m bored). I was so entranced by this piece that I was reprimanded for touching it. Something about it seemed so unreal that I had to touch it myself.

I also enjoyed the large room with strings on the ceiling. The room gave off the perfect relaxed setting. Dimmed lights really gave the colorful strings a different perspective than the strings in the previous room. I really enjoyed that different positions in the large room would shed light on different areas of the strings making it a new experience every time you navigated the room. I also believe photography did not do this art work justice, I tried to capture the differences but I guess it was only something you could see in real life.

I was born and raised with technology. My family highly encouraged any and all use of it. As a child and even today I see the world through my computer screen. I used to spend hours on google earth travelling the world. Of course I would go out, but computers made everything so easily accessible. Thus, saying that pictures would ruin the Renwick experience would make me a hypocrite. No matter how much I love my computer, and I mean it when I say it, the atmosphere each piece of art at the Renwick created is something that could only be felt by being there. The pictures that I saw through Instagram only scratched the shallow surface of the true art that went on behind the scenes. The Renwick is something that I enjoyed from the beginning to the very end, it is something I would definitely recommend to my roommate and my jealous friends back in Florida.

-Zoe Lolis




2 thoughts on “Wandering the Wonder at Renwick”

  1. I too agree with your point about how photography is unable to capture the true essence of these pieces of art. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to capture the true beauty of the art through photography. I think people nowadays are so caught up with documenting each moment that they fail to truly absorb the beauty of art in reality. Walking through Renwick made me appreciate the value of living in the moment and observing with my eyes rather than through the lense of my phone.

  2. I agree with both of you that actually seeing the exhibits was different than just viewing online posts about them. Many of the pictures I took failed to capture the intricate details and great effort that went into creating the exhibits. It was so tempting not to touch them. I was really glad to have the chance to go and appreciate the art for myself. I also liked how it was all abstract art. It was interesting to see the different ways everyday items could be uniquely assembled together to create a whole new piece.

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