GW Exhibit: Absence/Presence in Contemporary Photography

Andrew Moore, Bowling Lanes, Governors IslandNancy Breslin, Queen Mary II

What does absence look like?  Some of you might be interested in this exhibit currently showing in the Brady Art Center through Nov. 20 (SMPA Building, 2nd floor, Tu-Fri 10am-5pm):

Absence/Presence: Selected Contemporary Photography

How does one measure emptiness and can it be measured? Images that are devoid of people give us a taste of what we leave behind when we take a step away: an abandoned bowling alley, a stark prison cell, or an empty desk. They imply a sense of absence, but they are far from empty and the human presence is visible and felt. Featuring works from the GW Permanent Collection and various lenders, this exhibition explores the traces of human presence left behind in ‘unpeopled’ photographs of interiors and other spaces, whether temporarily empty, permanently abandoned, or made to appear so by the photographer’s viewpoint or photographic processes. Artists include Nancy Breslin, William Christenberry, Cynthia Connolly, Lisa Tyson Ennis, Frank Gohlke, Dean Kessmann, Bridget Sue Lambert, Dan Lobdell, Pablo Maurer, Andrew Moore, E. Brady Robinson, Lee Saloutos, Katherine Sifers, and Trine Søndergaard.



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