Created by War Manpower Commission in 1943 and collected in the Gugler Lithographic Company Mobilization Campaign Posters,  this outdoor advertising poster features a crowd of  impassioned women in various work uniforms lining up along the left border. Among the several search results with key words women during Word War II in the database —America: History & Life with Full Text, I got 13 posters which were bordered by a decorative box simulating the outdoor billboard.

I found this piece of image especially impressive for me since it directly reveal  how women workforce made great contributions during WWII .American women entered the workforce in unprecedented numbers during World War II, as widespread male enlistment left gaping holes in the industrial labor force. More than directly joined the armed force and engaged military services, they filled positions all across the country. They joined the assembly lines, For the first time in their lives, many women performed jobs that were now viewed by the public as necessary and valuable, such as classified government jobs, scientific research.

Women workers were running the country and community  during WWII, better helping winning the  war. However, many occupations were reserved for men and some states barred married women from holding jobs before the war.  The need to mobilize the entire population behind the war effort was so compelling that political and social leaders agreed that both women and men would have to change their perceptions of gender roles—at least as long as they have the faith in nationalism and patriotism .


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