October 9th Assignment

I found the Historical Newspapers digital archives to be the most interesting and useful database to find primary sources from. I found a late nineteenth century copy of The Washington Post which had a comic that is now paramount to my proposal about female cartoonists in the 1920s and how they represent women in magazines and papers. I was originally going to focus on just The Ghost but after finding the comic ‘Her Problems’ by Annette Bradshaw I decided to widen my focus so that I could utilize the resources in the Historical Newspapers database. This database focused on the medium of images I was looking for, so I was to get a wide array of specific photographs and comics in the subject matter I was looking for. Additionally it was very interesting to look through because the newspapers on this database are high quality photographs of not just the comics but the articles around them and the ads! So I might be able to broaden my topic to how the media targeted women or the context of the photos. This database gave me a lot of options as I move forward with my research!

By Gwen Cochran


2 thoughts on “October 9th Assignment”

  1. Your topic seems really interesting and it looks as though this database is giving you lots to work with. I thought The Ghost was one of the most interesting sources we encountered during library prep day, your topic looks interesting and like something not too many people have done before!

  2. This seems like such an interesting aspect for your paper topic. The articles surrounding the ads will give you such an insight into the diction associated with both the products and women of the era, which I’m sure will be very useful to you. Good luck!

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