October 9th Sketch

Millie, Elena, and Andrea Wyatt. 1980. “Tomorrow Night, East Lynne! American Drama as Reflected in the Theater Poster Collection at the Library of Congress.” Quarterly Journal Of The Library Of Congress 37, 114-151. MLA International Bibliography, EBSCOhost (accessed September 30, 2015).


This has been one of the most useful and interesting sources that I have found for my project so far. It is a journal for the Library of Congress which chronicles many examples of theatre posters in america dating from 1870 to 1916. It has provided me with a lot of information about why certain methods were used in creating these posters to attract audiences and why some posters were more mundane while others required tremendous detail. For example, the theatrical director and manager Daniel Frohman explained that he would commission a mundane poster for a sensational play, and a sensational poster for a mundane play. Other methods such as bright colors and highlighting the most dramatic scene of the play were also used to attract attention. This will be extremely helpful to my paper in glimpsing a look into what strategies were used during this period and how they have changed or remained stagnant throughout history. It also provides me with multiple perfect examples of typical theatre posters which I can reference in my final paper.


2 thoughts on “October 9th Sketch”

  1. A great find with the journal, I see what you mean when you say that some of the posters are more mundane and vague as to what the plot is and some highlight the climax or must suspenseful scene almost, but not quite, giving it away entirely. The concepts you listed in your sketch alone are already very interesting (Daniel Frohman). The time period is a good choice too, you can analyze how colors came into play in movie posters and the rapidity in which methods advanced.

  2. I think the journal is a great source for you to use in your research paper, it seems to fit well in what you have going on. I see what your saying about how the brightness of colors can affect or sway the readers mood with the poster which is very interesting to see happen.

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