October 9th Sketch Assignment

One of the most interesting journal articles that I have come across in my research is of how Matthew Teorey, author of the article called “The Lorax and Wallace Stegner: Inspiring Children’s Environmental Activism” describes how Dr. Seuss’s iconic picture book The Lorax was created in response to Wallace Stegner’s essay “Conservation equals Survival”. My research paper is on the collection of images of the 1970s environmental movement from the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) called Documerica and I didn’t really know how I would analyze these images or compare them to another set of images or editorial or cartoon. This article would help me with my argument and method because this source gives an unconventional reasoning as to why Dr. Seuss created this book was because of the essay written by Wallace Stegner. Through Teorey’s analysis of The Lorax, I can use his method and argument to help develop my own claim. This article compares how Stegner’s essay was largely forgotten, but Dr. Seuss’s book stuck, maybe in part because of the simple lettering and pictures. Using The Lorax as a point of comparison to the images I plan to explore would further my own claim.


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