October 9th Sketch Assignment

Attempting to find a source that discussed massive public works projects through a visual or historical lense proved to be difficult. However, I came across many journals and Newspaper articles that focused on the “Freeway Revolt”. There was a specific peer reviewed journal that displayed many photos of inner city neighborhoods (mostly poor or Black) being destroyed to make way for the Interstate Highway system. The Journal dubbed it the “We must destroy you to save you” mentality, suggesting that tearing out older neighborhoods for the sake of automobilty may have not been the path to a better tomorrow that President Eisenhower envisioned that it had. This article was particularly interesting to me because it displayed the negative side of an otherwise positively viewed public works undertaking. It will be useful in my research in determining the change in public opinion toward the Interstate system in terms of its impact on local communities rather than the nation as a whole. While we cannot view the system as a whole in anything other than a map, the article showed public outrage in local communities through riot pictures, data charts, and political cartoons.


5 thoughts on “October 9th Sketch Assignment”

  1. It’s very interesting that you found a source that disagrees with what seems like an overwhelmingly popular program! It might be interesting to analyze how a system might have helped those in the middle- and upper-classes and harmed those in the lower-class.

  2. I never realized how controversial creating the current highway system was, so just because of that it’s interesting. Also this individual article is cool because it offers an alternative viewpoint based on smaller communities reactions to the highway system, instead of a national viewpoint, that was probably influenced by politics and over generalized.

  3. The Interstate Highway System as a weapon of racism and perhaps gentrification is a very interesting argument that is totally new to me. Visual evidence showing what the IHS meant to people of different racial and socioeconomic groups would make for a great paper.

  4. This is a very different but interesting topic. I never knew such a thing happened where people’s homes were being destroyed for public roadway systems. I must imagine that the research process was fairly difficult but I hope to read your paper because this is a interesting approach you are taking.

  5. This is a really fascinating topic. Like others who have posted, I was never aware that this situation occurred and became a point of tension and dispute. It would interesting to research whether other sites near wealthy and/or white neighborhoods were considered for any amount of time or to what extent interstate planners targeted low-income or black areas.

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