October 9th Sketch

For my research project I will be looking at the frequency as well as the portrayal of women across magazine covers. Through my research so far I have found GW’s digital archives of the “Sports Illustrated Vault” and the “Comic Book Cover Browser” to be extremely helpful, for they allowed me to browse the covers of magazines back to the early 1900’s. Magazine covers will be my main primary source throughout my research project, so it is important to have a compilation of these covers at hand with dates for me to analyze. These archives provide me with a great amount of covers to look at in order to draw conclusions on trends, methods of portrayal, and even quantitative research on the frequency in which women are featured. From browsing these archives I have been able to explore the depiction of women across covers over the course of over fifty years. These archives will build the backbone of my research as they provide me with my main focus. While I have not yet decided which particular magazine to focus on, these archives offer many different options such as Sports Illustrated, Vogue, Glamour,Time, and Entertainment Weekly. Regardless of the magazine I choose I know there will be no limit to the amount of magazine covers I have access to.


3 thoughts on “October 9th Sketch”

  1. Sounds good, but how are you going to decide which covers to use once you identify your source? Random?

  2. Although you topic seems extremely interesting, your method is a bit broad. There will probably be hundred of covers to choose from… Maybe narrow them down by focusing on a specific time period or sport?

  3. Interesting topic! But there might be large amount of females covers in 1900’s, how are you gonna choose them?

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