October 9th Sketch

I think that the most useful database for me so far has been Artstor. Artstor provides real, scanned pictures of American propaganda posters, among other images of art, which allows me to deduce similarities, differences and trends between different eras in American propaganda in relation to time spent in war and demographic the propaganda was intended for. I believe that this database has been the most helpful for me because I am interested in comparing propaganda created for World War II regionally, comparing propaganda from World War II to subsequent wars like the Vietnam war or looking at the affect that World War II propaganda had on art after the war. I’m not sure what form art specifically yet. This database is 100% visual, so I find it most helpful when arriving to my own conclusions regarding differences in time or region and the latter impact of WWII propaganda on specific forms of art.


3 thoughts on “October 9th Sketch”

  1. It’s interesting that the database is 100% visual. I also like that the database is not only about war propaganda. You get a chance to compare and contrast the propaganda with different works from the time periods.

  2. I did not realize that the United States created different posters to target discrete regions throughout the country. Would it be possible to determine which region a poster was made for by simply looking at it?

  3. It sounds like this database would be very useful because its is 100% visual and it allows you to add your own argument to the discussion rather than being influenced by that of others. Do you plan on focusing on one specific theme or category such as bonds, enlistment, depiction of the enemy, etc?

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