October 9th Sketch

My research project is going to focus on the visual reactions to immigrants, specifically from Mexico and Latin America, during the 1930s. I found a lot of digital databases helpful in providing visual material, however a lot of what I found lacked the historical background or references to common themes that I needed for further research. In each database I would find images that ranged in time period over 200 years without easily identifying individual topics between them.

Therefore what I found most helpful was a book from Eckles Library called “Immigration: A Documentary and Reference Guide”. It provided not only images with sufficient captions and noted photographers, but also various document references, historical explanations, and suggestions for further research. This was extremely helpful because of its organizational format that seemed to curate for me all the images and documents that I felt would otherwise have to be “hand-picked” from a database. I will definitely be using this book for its own information and as a platform for access to sources that will be of use in my project.


2 thoughts on “October 9th Sketch”

  1. I like your topic concerning immigration. For any research paper it is key to have some background information on anything you are viewing just for valid purposes. I am interested to what your paper will turn out as because i am very interested in that time period as a whole.

  2. This is an interesting topic that deserves to be researched. One thing I would clarify is what you mean by a “visual reaction to immigrants”? Does this refer to the way Americans reacted when they saw immigrants face-to-face? In terms of background research, I would look for sources that explain the political situation and themes in 1930’s America.

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