October 9th Sketch

Although I found many articles and primary source images in different digital archives, the most interesting source that I have found so far is a book, titled Victorian Classics of San Francisco, from the Gelman Library stacks.  This has been the most interesting source I have found because it is a reprint of the 1888 edition of “Artistic Homes of California”, which was a limited edition album of photographs, with descriptions, of Victorian style homes from the San Francisco area.  Because I was looking for primary source images of homes from the Victorian architecture period, roughly 1830-1900, this book was immediately interesting to me.  However, even more interesting, is that in addition to reprinting the 1888 “Artistic Homes of California”, the book also includes an introduction which talks about this style of domestic architecture and what it represented in this region during this time, which makes for an excellent secondary source for my research.


2 thoughts on “October 9th Sketch”

  1. My research project takes place in a very different time period and focuses on a very different subject than yours, so this is interesting to read! I’m sure the home designs are gorgeous while still offering information on your topic, and perhaps comments on domesticity in general.

  2. I think it’s very interesting that this book is a reprint of something from 1888, particularly because it seems like it gives the benefits of both a primary source and secondary source in one setting.

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