October 9th Assignmnet

Probably one of the most interesting and helpful databases I have for one of my sources is the article White Slaves, African Masters by Paul Baepler. This article basically talks about the slavery of African Americans and how that’s normalized in society while also comparing the slavery of white slaves by North African Muslims. The article is a narratives from the early 1800s of how Americans would show double standard views of slavery by accepting slavery when African American are slaves but give harsh critique and opposition when it comes to the idea of white slaves. This article interests me the most mainly because looking at how Americans back then blatantly hated the idea of white slaves shows how the idea of whites being slaves as something incomprehensible or something hard to fathom. I can utilize this in my research paper to show how even the idea of white slaves was hated on but the idea of African American slaves was warmly accepted. Im still not sure of what question I could develop for my research paper but this article is a huge help with developing that.


3 thoughts on “October 9th Assignmnet”

  1. This article sounds really interesting. I personally never even knew that North African Muslims had white slaves, which probably reflects the lack of knowledge that we as a country have about things in our past that would make us look bad. Whatever your question is, I’m sure if you utilize this article as one of your sources, your paper will be very interesting.

  2. I think you have a question for your research paper : Was the portrayal of white slaves inherently different than the portrayal of African American slaves. I would imagine, based on what you have said, that they were different, and that people were much more strongly opposed to slavery when the slaves in question were white. In addition, I would look at how portrayals may have differed in the North and South, if possible. Additionally, I have heard it argued that the series of photographs showing white slaves in New Orleans, which Professor Troutman showed us a picture from in the first week of class, was partly an effort by the US to show to the remaining white supremacists how bad slavery could be. Overall, I like the direction of your project, and I see a lot of potential in this largely unexplored niche.

  3. Personally, I’m also interested in slavery of African Americans. Keep exploring more database, your project’s gonna be more interesting.

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