October 9th Assignment

The most interesting digital archive I found during our secondary source library prep assignment was the ‘PYSCHINFO’ database. It is very relevant to my project because a large part of my research is analyzing different historical advertisements, illustrations, political cartoons, and other visual sources. Psychinfo is a database which collects articles, journals, and books written through a psychological and analytical lens. I was able to find a lot of different techniques on image analysis in this database which will be helpful to me when I am combing through primary sources. This database also had resources pertaining to my secondary source needs, it had multiple published works on the different important aspects of advertising from many different years. This means I will be able to compare different points of view on the importance of advertisement throughout different time periods, this will definitely supplement my research on the importance of historical imagery. Looking at images and advertisements through a psychological lens is a form of analysis on its own, and that is why the Psychinfo was such a great digital archive to find for my research project.


5 thoughts on “October 9th Assignment”

  1. I think it is very interesting that this archive had so many secondary sources to choose from pertaining to that topic. It sounds like a great place to find a lot of fascinating articles to help with you paper!

  2. I found this database helpful in very similar ways to you. It’s so interesting to be able to look at a topic through such a different perspective and the to gain access as to why a certain event may have occurred on an individual basis. This will definitely help you gain access to the messages in images. Good luck!

  3. This database sound like it will be extremely helpful to you. I think it’s interesting that it’ll be coming from a psychological/analytical viewpoint, because that is seen much less in most political cartoons. I think it can help your project focus more on the individual than the whole (if that’s something you’re interested it doing) and create more relatable points. Good luck!!

  4. Never heard of this database be fore, seems like a great find. I find it super interesting that the sources are through a specific lens or use a specific method for analysis. This definitely makes it easier to understand arguments specific to your topic and help you understand it more wholely. An issue some may run into while utilizing sources so specialized is just “retelling” the arguments so being conscious of that will help.

  5. I think that this seems like an amazing source for you! I think it will really help your argument in your paper. Also, the examination through a psychological perspective is very interesting and will aid your point tremendously.

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