October 9th Assignment

Jason Taylor

UW 1020

Professor Troutman

One of the most important resources that I have found so far was the propaganda poster by Mildred Moody titled, “Even a dog enlists, why not you?” This image was found in the HRC: WWI Poster Collection archive from GWU. I feel that this will provide most of the information I am going to need to make my argument for animals in propaganda. The specific use of an animal makes it an important resource, but the text accompanying it proves to be just as important. I can rely on this specific image multiple times throughout my paper, as it provides a backstop image that references the main question directly.

The text refers directly to the dog and to the people not enlisted in the military. This begins the process of comparing and contrasting the symbol of dogs to humans, which will be a crucial part of my research topic. The entire argument generally is: What is the significance of using images of domesticated animals (dogs and cats) in war propaganda? So the specific route will include the symbolism involved, which the image exemplifies.


3 thoughts on “October 9th Assignment”

  1. Who was the target for this poster? Was it distributed in a certain region of the United States or was it a standard poster throughout the nation?

  2. Sounds great, but will you use other articles to compare the images and the writing styles? Also, maybe try finding other articles with a different animal to compare the effects? It might be interesting to see if a specific animal (a dove for example) elicits a more significant response.

  3. This topic seems very interesting, and I have never really thought about it until you mentioned your research. Are you going to limit it to a time period or a specific war? Will you compare the use of domesticated animals in propaganda from different wars?

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