October 9th Assignment

Throughout my research about African-Americans throughout the Civil Rights Movement I have come across many different interesting databases and digital archives. The most intuitive and useful one so far has been the Virginia Commonwealth University’s Freedom Now Civil Rights Photographs page. This archive includes a variety of pictures from all across the 1950s and 1960s in all of the settings of day to day life. It is able to capture what life was like for segregated African-Americans during a fight for freedom and equality. The pictures not only include photographs of African-Americans but also of white Americans who are opposed to the movement which is interesting because most other databases and sources I have visited tend to just show the African-Americans. This is able to show the motives of the opposition to the movement and a different take that will aid me in my research and eventually in my paper by allowing me to see both sides.


2 thoughts on “October 9th Assignment”

  1. This sounds like a really interesting research topic. However, it is pretty broad. What, more specifically do you think you’ll be using these sources to try and answer or research further?

  2. I have not yet looked deeply into the Virginia Common Wealth University’s Freedom Now Civil Rights and Digital Archives. It sounds as though it would be useful to me because it contains pictures of African American soldiers. How diverse are the pictures and how much information do they provide about the pictures?

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