October 9th Assignment

For my research project I will be researching photographers that worked for the government, and I will analyze how they frame and capture emotions in photographs during the Great Depression. One photograph from the Library of Congress that really stood out to me was captured by Dorothea Lange and it is called Migrant Mother. This is a black and white image of a mother and her two children sitting under a tent. The children are facing away from the camera and it looks like the children are hiding behind their mother. This timidity is indicative of the emotional heartache taken on young children during a time filled with such depravity. The mother is looking off into the distance.  She has sharp facial features which show how difficult the times were. The children were wearing very worn and torn up clothes which demonstrates the economic strain. This strain took a huge toll on not only the mother, but also the children. This photograph is very complex and Dorothea Lange was able to capture the adversity during this difficult time.


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