October 9th Assignment

As I continue to research and explore the resources available on campus, I found the HRC: WWI Poster Collection to be the most fascinating so far. After looking into different topics that could be researched, I realized I was most interested in visual images from WWI and II. In that sense, this digital archive already serves me quite well. However, the diversity of the images is what has made it unique relative to other databases/archives. The archive houses not only posters from the US propaganda machine, but posters from France and other European nations. From browsing the archive, I was able to see clearly the difference between American and European posters, and questions began to formulate as to why such differences were present. The sheer amount of available posters also gave me more insight into trends as the war progressed. Though certain facts are omitted, this archive has set the background for more in-depth research into certain patterns. Furthermore, the method used to analyze these posters could be applied to other eras in American history.



2 thoughts on “October 9th Assignment”

  1. This source seems perfectly tailored to your project. One thing I would suggest is maybe looking at the differences between posters from the same country in the two different wars. For example, what changed between US WWI posters and WWII posters? Are they generally the same, or did the tone shift at all? Additionally, you could compare the posters by government type. Do posters from democratic countries like the US, UK and France differ in any essential ways from that of the Russian, German, or Italian posters? Either way, it sounds like an interesting project, and I’m sure you have a wealth of primary sources to work with.

  2. I was in the same situation with you. With a ton of material from HRC, making constraints and focusing on a certain topic can be the next step for you. I agree with Thunderchild0 and by focusing on some country or a certain time era, you can start to dwindle down the amount of sources you have and in no time, you can see what path you want to take for your project.

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