October 9 Sketch

For my research paper I wish to examine, analyze, and compare magazine covers from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s in their representation of women. I will be focusing on the ever-changing beauty ideal (from curvy to thin) and also some of the articles in the magazines and how they address young women and teen girls, whether as “consumers or citizens.” I was expecting magazines like Cosmopolitan and Vogue to be my biggest sources of information and was surprised to find that Seventeen magazine proved the most fruitful for my topic. Due to the baby boom and the emergence of the majority of the population identifying as “teens” ( a new concept; neither child nor adult), Seventeen magazine was faced with many new challenges on how to address its readers. The most helpful book (which actually inspired my topic) is Kelly Massoni’s “Fashioning Teenagers: A Cultural History of Seventeen Magazine” (Google books) which also led me to investigate how the priorities of the magazine changed in direct response to the changing of its chief editors.


One thought on “October 9 Sketch”

  1. This topic is very interesting and important in order to identity why we look at women today and perhaps change that perspective. Is there a difference between teen beauty and the beauty of young women? When does young women-hood start?

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